We are open-minded and build bridges, we value pragmatism above dogmatism

We work with animal lovers, environmentalists, farmers, big ag, big oil, new tech, governments and academics. This is not the time for blinders or infighting. Nuclear energy? Yes. Carbon capture? Yes. Wearables for cows? Yes.

The future is being built across geographies by many kinds of founders

Our perspective is global, and our home base is diverse and innovative. We believe the best technologies are not in a single zip code, the best founders are not all twenty-something dropouts from one single university, and the best solutions are hard to come by from siloed innovation or within an echo chamber. We believe a global, cross-technology, cross-sector perspective is ideal for early-stage transformative tech investing.

Capitalism (with guardrails) is the answer, not the problem

Our founding team has lived up close the effects of dismantled economies. Progress at scale can only come from large, economically sustainable businesses. Government and philanthropy have a role, but we need to encourage big profitable companies aligned with our goals as humankind.

Long-term risk-adjusted returns are better with impactful goals

BlackRock’s focus on climate is an example of smart, long-term investors realizing value will not be created in the long-term without considering the negative implications of our businesses. Long-term risk is embedded in assets that will reduce our quality of life. There is not only no tradeoff between doing good and making money in the VC timescale, but in fact the biggest successes will undoubtedly create real societal value.

Innovation is a more realistic solution than sacrifice

We are likelier to succeed combatting our challenges with solutions that align with humankind’s desire to live richer, fuller, lives – e.g. telling people to never eat meat nor fly is harder than finding ways to replace that with a greener solution, especially given the fact that we know the technologies exist today.

A meaningful mission is a powerful tool for success (and life is too short to focus elsewhere)

Talent wants to work on what matters. Including us. Startups are hard. Nothing helps weather the storm and attract the best and brightest like a big, noble mission.

What gets measured gets improved – so be careful what you measure

We invest in big positive impact, and so far we “know it when we see it”. As we scale, we will create a framework to track and report impact, but we are cautiously exploring how to do so. At their best, metrics can ensure better outcomes. At their worst, ESG metrics can be burdensome, costly, and most importantly misguiding if not set up correctly.